Jacob’s Ladder – 100g


This beautiful batt contains three wonderful fibres – Jacob, Manx Loaghtan and Eri silk. The Jacob is a rich, dark brown, and has a coarser texture than BFL or Shetland, but it spins dreamily. I’ve blended this with Manx Loaghtan, a rare breed fibre that I really enjoy working with. It’s robust but soft (although again, coarser than BFL or Shetland), and is renowned for its warmth.

To these two beautiful British wools I’ve added luxurious Eri silk, which is a natural red-gold colour. I’ve also added touches of deep purple Corriedale as well, which really works well with the brown and gold.

This batt is really special, and will spin or felt brilliantly.

The mix is roughly 60% Jacob, 25% Manx Loaghtan, 15% Eri silk and 5% Corriedale.

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