Fibre in Focus

A deep dive into some of the characteristics of the very different fibres we work with, from silk, wool and alpaca to sustainable viscose.

Fibre in Focus – Wensleydale

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Wensleydale sheep – they look so chilled out, with their loopy hair curling over their eyes. This is another breed that is difficult to misidentify, although other longwools such as Teeswater can look similar. However, Wensleydales usually have a distinctive deep blue face and ears, and the curly fleece, or ‘topping’, that falls over their […]

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Fibre in Focus – Muga Silk

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Hello and welcome to this episode of Fibre in Focus!  This time, I’ll be talking about Muga silk, one of my favourite fibres to work with, to touch and to look at.  It’s just divine. An Exhalted History Muga silk, or Assam silk, is one of the rarest silks in the world. It is made […]

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Fibre in Focus – Seacell

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I’ve been meaning to write blog posts about fibres I love to work with for absolutely ages, so I’m planning on this becoming a regular feature.  Hit me in the comments with any fibres you’re interested in that you’d like to know more about. This week’s focus is Seacell, which is a pretty fabulous fibre […]

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