Well, after having rabbited on about the ‘new normal’, I got lost in the woods. I’ve spent the last week grappling with confusion and malaise.  I’m sure I’m not alone – a lot of people I’ve spoken to are really struggling to get things done, to lift themselves out of a funk brought on by a lack of control and routine, coupled with financial uncertainty and fear for loved ones, strangers and the future. I read somewhere that what we are all grieving for how things were. It’s taken me a good few days to reconcile my own extraordinary luck – I live in a lovely house, my family is so far safe and well, we have access to fresh, nutritious food – with the fact that I’m struggling.  That disconnect put me in a dark place. It’s like eating despair cake with guilt icing and a side order of ‘You suck’. Tasty.

So, I’ve spent most of the past week alternately avoiding and devouring the news, doing crosswords, planning new knitting projects and writing to-do lists.  I love to-do lists. They’re like little signposted paths out of the woods. So, here are a couple of things that are coming up on Cat & Sparrow in the next few days:

Crochet kits:  I’ve loved Fay Dashper-Hughes crochet designs for some time now. They’re stylish, simple and fantastically wearable. I will be putting up kits for two of her patterns – Arria and Basalt – which both suit Lone Ranger 4ply perfectly.  The kits will be available online from Tuesday 21st April.

Eco-warrior Sock:  Sustainability and consideration for the environment are both very important to me, and are vital elements in the selection of the fibres and yarns I sell.  I’m really delighted to announce that I’m offering a new sock yarn base. It’s super strong, very soft, made from British wool and spun in the UK. It’s a mix of Bluefaced Leicester and Tencel – a cellulose fibre that is made using a closed-loop process that eliminates any pollution and waste.  I’ll be adding it to the shop in time for virtual Wonderwool at the weekend – 24/25 April.  Which leads me to:

Virtual Wonderwool: I’m so delighted to be taking part in this. Wonderwool is one of my favourite wool shows to go to. I will really, really miss it this year, but the fantastic organisers are creating a virtual event over on their Facebook group. You’ll be able to browse vendors offerings and get a taste of the wonderful array of yarn, fibre and made goods available.

I hope you’re all keeping well and safe.  XX