This week has been a real rollercoaster. I’m sure it’s been the same for the majority of people. I veer from worry to panic to calm and I can’t seem to get a firm grip on how I feel from one day to the next.  We’ve settled into a bit of a routine here with the homeschooling, and it seems almost normal after a week of it, as do the empty streets and closed up shops.  That said, I went into the Job Centre yesterday to ask about ID verification (we’ve just moved, so the online system doesn’t recognise us) and I was stopped at the doorway by security rushing over with a raised hand to stop me entering.  I spent the next 10 minutes talking to someone standing two metres away, and gingerly exchanging bits of carefully handled paper. It was bizarre, and a stark reminder that this is not normal, and it’s terrifying for people on the front line. It’s one thing knowing this somewhat abstractedly from the shelter of your home, but it’s another to see it and experience it.

Anyway, today I feel quite calm. Yay me. I’m sending big virtual hugs and comforting thoughts to those who are not.   I’m up to date with orders, and I can start thinking about the projects I had planned before this started. (I say that, but I just turned to look at my office, and there are piles of unlabelled fibre and unskeined yarn, so I guess I’ll be doing all that first.) I’m going to start a Catwing Sweater, by An Caitin Beag’s Marna Gilligan, using Oh So Fine BFL/Silk 4ply yarn in shades of turquoise and fiery orange – The Highbury Life and Desert Sunset.  Can’t wait! Does anyone fancy joining me?

Oh, and speaking of joining me, I’ve been taking part in a lovely daily morning Zoom session, hosted by Nicky Jerrome and Janet Friel from The Frome Yarn Collective, Ria Burns and Rachel Le Page from Millie Moon haberdashery in Frome. Come and join us!  You can find the details here.