It’s yarn show season in the UK, or it should be. Given the circumstances, many yarn shows are taking the sad but necessary decision to cancel this year’s events. Social distancing has been shown to make a huge difference to the spread of COVID-19, and we need to try and reduce the pressure on an NHS that is already beleaguered by cuts and a population that’s been hit by the government’s austerity measures.  I’d like to shout out to all the people in the emergency services and other key professions to are basically keeping us all afloat. Perhaps the government will start to realise how much we need them, and how underappreciated, financially and socially, they generally are.

As I said in my newsletter the other day, the yarn shows that have been cancelled are more than just shopping opportunities. They are chances to learn, be inspired and to catch up with and meet friends who share a passion for all things woolly.  Many people will be missing the social and learning aspects of these events, and the yarn show community – organisers, dyers, artists, designers, teachers – to provide some kind of alternative.  There will be more news on this as we work things out.   Yorkshire Yarn Fest (@yorkshireyarnfest on instagram) has already run an Instagram live event featuring their vendors.  More events like this will be forthcoming and I’ll keep you updated here, on Facebook and by newsletter.

This is also an opportunity to try and hone my internet skills. I already have an advanced degree in dicking about on the web, but actually getting out there and interacting I find significantly more difficult than I do in person. That will change! I’m going to miss seeing everyone this summer in person, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get out and about online. I’m going to try and do some live events, top tip videos and other stuff, and I must remind myself that even if it’s just me, talking into the void, at least I know you’re all out there somewhere.

See you online soon!